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China Chipboard Screw Factory

High quality Chipboard Screw is offered by China manufacturer Aoke.  Our factory Jiaxing Aoke Hardware Technology Co., Ltd.has obtained ISO9001 certificate,located in the home town of fastenersHaiyan county.The chipboard screwsreach international quality standards andexport them in different markets around the world.Wholesale prices,factory advantage and high quality forthe chipboard screws.We have professional sales staff and technicians to serve you. Look forward to establishing successful business relationships withyouin the near future.

Chipboard screws are suitable for installation of power tools and are mainly used to connect and tighten wood panels and thin steel plates. Chipboard screws are similar to drywall screws and are widely used in furniture manufacturing.The thread diameter of chipboard screws include 3, 3.5,4, 4.5,5, 6mm,the thread diameter 4,5 and 6 mmare the most commonly used.Countersunk Chipboard screws has single countersunk head and double countersunk head, usually with PH (phillips) drive,PZ (pozi) drive and TX (torx) drive.

What are the advantages ofchipboard screws?We can supply many kinds ofchipboard screws. In addition to the DIN7505 standard, we can also producepanheadchipboard screws, truss head chipboard screws and raised countersunk headchipboard screws.

Moreover, We strictly follow the production process, carbon steel chipboard screws are made of 1022A, quenching process in production, also known as heat treatment.The stainless steel chipboard screw is made of SS304 and SS316 wire. QC will strictly control the quality in the production.Before shipment, wewill provide EN10204-2004 Type 3.1 certificate and MTC(material test certificate).

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China high quality Chipboard Screw manufacturers and suppliers - AOKE, with more than working experience. Welcome to wholesale and buy Chipboard Screw from our factory. Our products are safely, you can rest assured quotation and supply free sample.