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Jiaxing Aoke Trading Co., Ltd is a Tubular Rivet Round Rivet manufacturer and vendor of round rivets, Own factory jiaxing Aoke hardware technology Co,. ltd is established in 1986, which has obtained the ISO9001 certificate. Rivet is Widely used in construction, automobiles, aircraft, machinery, electrical appliances and other products. There are many kinds of rivets, such as solid rivets, semi-tubular rivets andtubular rivets.In that case to corresponds to different riveting requirements.

Tubular rivets are usually used in garment, footwear and other industries, semi-tubular rivets are mainly used for riveting occasions with small load, solid round rivets need to be riveted again, used for heavy parts connection, often non detachable structure, mainly used for riveting occasions with larger transverse load, the most widely used.

Tubular rivets are cylindrical or metal tube rivets. When used, they are knocked on both sides of the rivet to deform the metal tube and cause the rivet cap on both sides so that the parts cannot fall off from the rivet.

Round head rivets use their own deformation to connect the parts, round rivets are not detachable. Generally made of aluminum, copper, steel and other materials. Round rivets are widely used in tools, locks, helmets, automobiles, motorcycles and electrical appliances If the material is steel, the surface is usually galvanized. Small size solid round rivets are made by cold heading process, more accurate size, faster production efficiency. Large size round rivets are hot forged.

Because the hardness of aluminum is soft and the compression and tensile properties are good at room temperature, round rivets are often made of aluminum or aluminum alloy. Aluminum round rivets are made of high quality aluminum with alloy element, have low density, high strength, are widely used in industry, and have excellent thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.

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Round Head Rivets With Nominal Diameters

Round Head Rivets With Nominal Diameters

Jiaxing Aoke Trading Co., Ltd is subcompany of jiaxing Aoke hardware technology Co,. ltd Aoke hardware is experienced in round head rivets. Aoke supply round head rivets of various materials, aluminum, stainless steel A2 A4 and steel. Aluminum DIN660 round head rivets, in particular, are one of our advantages. DIN660 round head rivets with nominal diameter are made of cold heading process, with precise size, smooth surface and high production efficiency. Round head rivets of various sizes are in stock in our factory. Available free samples and low price for you, welcome to your contact.

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China high quality Tubular Rivet Round Rivet manufacturers and suppliers - AOKE, with more than working experience. Welcome to wholesale and buy Tubular Rivet Round Rivet from our factory. Our products are safely, you can rest assured quotation and supply free sample.
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