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Jiaxing Aoke Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of fasteners in China. Our factory Jiaxing Aoke Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. is established in 1986 and located in the home town of fasteners Haiyan county. A rivet is a part (or member) used to connect two parts with a through hole and a cap on one end. With strong technical support, advanced equipment, high quality management and good service, we supply the rivets with international standard and competitive price.

The working principle of rivets is that the riveted parts are connected by their own deformation or interference during riveting. There are many kinds of rivets, which are round head rivets, semi-tubular rivets, tubular rivets, blind rivets, rivet nuts. Semi-tubular rivets are mainly used for small load riveting occasions. Tubular rivets are light in weight and weak in head. They are used for riveting non-metallic materials with little load. The material of semi-tubular rivets is 08AL. It is a low alloy steel, it is better than Q195, 1006, 1008 and GGY, this material can ensure that rivets will not crack when riveted. Countersunk head and oval Countersunk head rivets are mainly used for riveting occasions where the surface needs to be smooth and the load is not large. Flat head rivets are used for riveting under normal load. Flat round head rivet is mainly used for riveting metal sheet or leather, canvas, wood and other non-metallic materials. About the blind rivets,it is a kind of single riveting rivets, but must use special tools - riveting gun (manual, electric, pneumatic) riveting. This kind of rivet is especially suitable for the use of ordinary rivet (must be riveted from both sides).

Rivets are widely used in daily life and industrial production and manufacturing, such as electronic products, mechanical products, solar energy, automobiles, ships, aircraft, machinery, electrical appliances, furniture, vehicles, and building.

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Aluminum Open End Blind Rivet

Aluminum Open End Blind Rivet

Through our efforts over the years, jiaxing aoke already become a Aluminum Open End Blind Rivet manufacturer and supplier of fasteners in China. Export blind rivet in large quality each year. Warmly welcome to visit our company and build a long term relationship.

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China high quality Rivet manufacturers and suppliers - AOKE, with more than working experience. Welcome to wholesale and buy Rivet from our factory. Our products are safely, you can rest assured quotation and supply free sample.