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Solar energy can be used in home life, photovoltaics, agriculture, road transportation, etc., because it has the advantages of non-polluting, sustainable, large total, and wide distribution. The most widely used aluminum profile in the solar industry is the solar aluminum alloy frame, because it is easy to combine and light in weight. Aluminum solar frame brackets can be used to assemble adjustable solar panels, solar inverters, etc. The aluminum profile nut plays an important role in the installation of the entire solar system. With many years of fastener experience and advantages as a manufacturer,Jiaxing Aoke Trading Co., Ltd. has established a one-stop solar accessories ofsolar system installation platform. We can provide many types of aluminum profile nuts according to your installation requirements. We have samples of many types of aluminum nuts that can be provided for free. 

Differentaluminum profile nuts have different usage methods. Aluminum profile nut accessories are divided into front nut and rear nut. The front nut does not need to be embedded. Like the square nut, the flange nut belongs to the front nut. It can be directly fixed with the corresponding bolts, and the installation is relatively simple. Among them, square nuts are special accessories for aluminum profiles, and flange nuts are often used in conjunction with T-bolts to install accessories such asangles.

Flange nuts are generally used in conjunction with T-bolts, and are generally used when installing profile accessories such as corner pieces. Its material is usually stainless steel 304, and the common models are M6 and M8. The diameter of the middle of the nut is different.

The T-type nut block can simply and safely fix other connectors on the profile groove, and can automatically locate and lock itself during the assembly process. Its material can be stainless steel A2 or carbon steel, the surface is nickel-plated, the common specifications of T-type nut block are M4, M5, M6, M8, etc., different models are matched with different series of profiles.

Themarble nut can be directly inserted into the groove of the aluminum profile, and can be inserted into any assembly point. There are spring steel balls on the back to fix its position, which makes the installation very simple. The marble nut is also used in connecting profiles. Its material can be aluminum or carbon steel with nickel plating, and its models are also divided according to different series of profiles.

When the square nut is installed, it needs to be plugged into the groove in advance, and then used to connect various accessories on the profile. Its material can be galvanized steel or aluminum, and the model is also different according to the profile.

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