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As a new type of clean energy, solar energy is an important energy source for governments to achieve sustainable development and has a broad market space.With many years of fastener experience and advantages as a manufacturer,Jiaxing Aoke Trading Co., Ltd. has integrated all resources. Aoke has established a one-stop solar accessories ofsolar system installation platform. Aluminummid clampsand end clampsare used to secure the solar modules to the rails. Whether you need framed or frameless panels for photovoltaic mountingclamps, we can provide them all.

The emergence of rooftop photovoltaics combines photovoltaic power generation systems with buildings well, without occupying land resources. The solar photovoltaic system bracket adopts a specialaluminum clamps, which can perfectly combine the photovoltaic bracket with the roof without damaging the roof. Aluminum clamps can solve a series of problems faced by solar roof installation, such as roof load bearing, waterproof, installation time consumption, wind load, structure, cost and other issues.

6005, 6061, 6063 aluminum alloys are available for solar photovoltaic aluminum.

The application of aluminum profiles in solar photovoltaic panel products mainly has the following advantages:

1. The quality of the profiles is guaranteed, the alloy raw materials are not doped with scrap aluminum, the proportions of various metal components meet international standards, and the use time can reach 25 years or more;

2. The weight is lighter than steel, but the strength is high;

3. Excellent anti-corrosion performance, the oxide film on the surface can resist the corrosion of air;

4. Easy installation and good flexibility, various sizes can be customized according to customer drawings;

5. In areas with large temperature difference, aluminum profiles are less affected than steel, and are not easy to become brittle and crack at low temperatures.

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