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Aoke can provide professional Stud Bolts manufacturers and suppliers. Our factory Jiaxing Aoke Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. islocated in the home town of fastenersHaiyan county. Stud bolt has two types, one is full thread stud, another is double ends stud. The stud bolts don’t have head, the length of stud bolts is much shorter than thread rods. With advanced production equipment, excellent technology and professional industry knowledge,the stud bolts are complied with international quality standard. Low price, high quality and free samples for you.

How to use stud bolt correctly? When the stud bolt is tightened, it should be noted that the direction of force applied by the wrench should be coincident with the axis of the screw, and should not be inclined. During the tightening process, the force should not exceed the safe torque and should be uniform, and try to use a torque wrench or a socket for use. Too fast locking speed will result in deadlock. It is recommended not to use electric or pneumatic wrenches. Keep the thread clean. In order to ensure the smooth cooperation of the stud bolts and the nut, it is recommended to pack the product in a clean container and do not place it arbitrarily. If the removed stud bolt, screws and nuts are slightly damaged, they should be repaired with die and taps. Removed and repaired stud bolts, screws and nuts should be maintained by oil bubbles or lubricating oil, and should be neatly arranged according to specifications, models and uses.

Aoke has obtained the ISO9001 certificate.we will provide EN10204-2004 Type 3.1 certificate and MTC(material test certificate) for each batch of stud bolts.The stud bolts are usuallyapplied inconstruction, equipment installation, decoration and other connectors, such as: large supermarkets with suspended ceiling, building wall fixing, etc.

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B8 B8M Double End Stud Bolt

B8 B8M Double End Stud Bolt

Jiaxing Aoke trading is a professional B8 B8M Double End Stud Bolt manufacturer and supplier of fasteners in China. Our factory through our efforts over the years, we have customers in more than 40 countries. Advanced equipment, high quality management, the production of high quality and good price of double end stud bolt.

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China high quality Stud Bolts manufacturers and suppliers - AOKE, with more than working experience. Welcome to wholesale and buy Stud Bolts from our factory. Our products are safely, you can rest assured quotation and supply free sample.