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How to install tile roof hook on solar roof?


Solar photovoltaic power generation is clean and green energy. More and more families are choosing it because of free and environmentally friendly. It can save a lot of money for your family.

How the roof hooks are mounted on the residential roof? The installer will temporarily remove the tiles and install the roof hooks underneath to the roof. The tiles are then placed back on the stand and the system is set up from there.

1. Using self-tapping screws to fix the roof hooks into beam.

2. Using the aluminum raill connector to splice the aluminum rail

3. Using the screws and nut to fix the roof hook to the rail

4. Placing the solar panels and fix them by the end clamps. Connecting the panel with mid clamps.

5. Place the solar panels from left to right. Installing the grounding lug.

Aoke as a manufacturer and supplier of solar fastener, has a series of solar tile roof hook. We can provide a number of solar tile roof kits for installation. The solar mounting system meet the international on wind and snow loading.

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