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Stainless Steel Square Weld Nut
  • Stainless Steel Square Weld NutStainless Steel Square Weld Nut
  • Stainless Steel Square Weld NutStainless Steel Square Weld Nut

Stainless Steel Square Weld Nut

Jiaxing Aoke Trading is a professional manufacturer and supplier of weld nuts in China. Welding is an important part of the fastener technology world. These welded nuts are designed to permanently weld them into materials to create safe and durable attachments for bolts or screws. Our own factory Jiaxing aoke hardware is experienced in stainless steel A2 DIN928 square weld nuts. One of the key benefits of stainless steel SS304 square weld nut is their corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is famous for being capable of rusting and corrosion, making it an ideal material used in harsh or outdoor environment. This makes stainless steel DIN928 square welds nuts become popular options for automotive, construction and ocean industries.

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Product Description

Jiaxing Aoke hardware is a professional factory and supplier of weld nuts in China. The stainless steel DIN928 square weld nuts have a stable fixed point and are usually used in structural applications. By welding the nuts to the surface directly, it will produce a powerful connection, which can withstand heavy loads, vibration and other external forces. This makes welding an ideal choice for applications that are important for reliability and stability.

Stainless steel weld nuts are sought after because of its corrosion resistance, making it very suitable for use in outdoor or harsh environments. This corrosion resistance can ensure the long -term service life of square nuts and reduce the demand for maintenance to the greatest extent, making them an effective solution for long -term costs.

Product Parameter (Specification)


DIN,ASTM/ANSI/ Standard DIN928


Stainless steel,carbon steel, Alloy steel

Surface Treatment

Plain,Zinc Plated, Galvanized





A2, A4, class 4, class 8

Head type



Bulk cartons with pallet, small boxes in cartons with pallet

Lead time

Busy season:20-30days,Slack season:10-20days

Product Application

Stainless steel square weld nuts are widely used in automotive, construction, aerospace, and manufacturing, ships, automobile transport machinery, electrical products, ocean industry etc.

Product Details

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